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Invite the magic of winter into your outdoor haven with the Old Dog Design Winter Seasonal Planter.


Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, our planters are designed to fit seamlessly into any space and create a stunning focal point for your outdoor decor.


Our seasonal planters are planted in biodegradable pots made to slip into your existing decorative planters. Available in Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade. See Product Info for sizing.  For custom orders or larger projects please book a CONTAINER CONSULTATION 


Site Conditions: 


Full Sun: 6+ hours of sun 

Part Sun/Shade: 3-6 hours of sun


Size-  planter inserts 12 3/8 in. W x 11 in H.




**only available for Boston & Greater Boston Area

Seasonal Planter WINTER

  • Seasonal Planters are designed in our studio in round biodegradable liner pots.

    Choose the sun exposure where the planter will reside. For information on the best fit see below. If you need help choosing the right size please contact us



    Measure the inner diameter at the top, bottom and inner height of your pot and compare it against our biodegradable liners: 

    Size: 12 3/8 in W at the top x 9 1/2" W at the bottom x 11 in H recommended for 14"-16" round planters


    If the interior of your container is taller than the insert, soil/mulch or recycled foam blocks will be added to the bottom of the pot to raise the height of the insert. 


    Our biodegradable liners can be installed in square planters, but it's best to contact us before purchasing. Rectangular pots are not compatible with liner pots

    **Orders may not be identical to the items pictured. We work with what is seasonally available, therefore ingredients may vary. The above image is meant to convey style and feel

  • Seasonal Planters are only available for Boston and Greater Boston Area. Planter inserts will be delivered and installed seasonally as follows: 

    WINTER: Late NOV -Early DEC

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